As the owner of Snug Massage, I am passionate about supporting pregnant and postnatal clients through your body's journey. I am equally passionate about keeping you all moving!
I've treated over 1000 clients in the last 4 years, with 2.5 years at Waterside Therapy Rooms. I'm trained to the equivalent of a second year degree in remedial and sports massage, and am fascinated by the technical side of your body's systems, particularly with how they adapt to the demands of pregnancy and movement patterns. These postural changes place great strain on muscle groups and I just love working out where the source of your discomfort is coming from. Not always in the place where you feel the pain!
While I prefer getting stuck in to the deep and firm massage techniques which many of you love, I'm also very well-versed in holistic relaxation. I've represented Revive at Work corporate massage for several years and have delivered indian head chair massage to 100s of corporate clients in Cardiff and Bristol. I can even deliver deep work in such a way that you'll still be asleep by the end!

If your experience of massage has been solely relaxation, you should try us. We really do know what we're doing.


I am a busy mum of two little loves, passionate about helping women build a healthy, strong body and mindset through soft tissue therapy, holistic living and strength training.

I am holistically trained, specialising in soft tissue therapy and myofascial release. I'm incredibly passionate about helping women with abdominal surgery recovery, relieving deep scar tissue adhesions.
I am also a qualified personal trainer, specialising in the postnatal and peri to post menopausal seasons of life, pelvic floor dysfunction and changing body composition by building muscle and reducing fat
I have gleaned what works for me from al aspects of my personal and professional experiences, to help bring you a service that EVERY woman truly deserves to live a healthier, happier and stronger empowered life.